Video Conferencing

It Saves Money

Videoconferencing is the newest technology in meeting and presentation settings. My Office Suite offers this great amenity at both of our Chicago land locations. Whether you are presenting to a large group or simply have a one on one meeting, videoconferencing can be a great advantage. Videoconferencing saves time, and most of all it saves you MONEY!

It Takes a Few Minutes

Video Conferencing My Office Suite belongs to many organizations with public videoconference rooms all over the world! Just let us know where the other party is located and we will make the arrangements. Instead of planning a day trip or booking an overnight flight for your next meeting, let My Office Suite help. We can set up a videoconference in minutes. It is that easy!

Connect with Up To Three Locations

Video Conferencing Videoconferencing is cost-effective. Instead of driving or paying expensive last-minute plane fares, book a videoconference. Videoconferencing costs on average between $100 to $225 per hour. Compare this to a plane ticket, hotel costs and the time you spend traveling. It becomes clear that the savings are incredible!

My Office Suite also offers multi-point videoconferencing. This means you can connect with up to three different locations in one videoconference. It is the perfect answer for presentations to multiple groups. Imagine the cost savings now!

Collaborating and Sharing is Easy

Video Conferencing All of our videoconference rooms are well appointed with conference room technology and presentation equipment. We use state of the art equipment made by Polycom that allows you to not only share your thoughts and ideas but also allows for collaboration and sharing of documents. Have your videoconference taped, hook-up your laptop to exhibit spreadsheets with ease, or use a document camera to display documents which are difficult to read.